…I would always know how to introduce myself

Hello all!

I can’t imagine anyone is reading this who doesn’t already know who I am, but for the sake of form I’m Naomi Rebis, and am currently working as Winnington-Ingram Trainee at the Institute of Classical Studies Library in London.

I have jumped on the blog band-wagon for a number of reasons, but chiefly because my pace of life has changed dramatically since I moved to London in August. I have been thrown into what Mrs. Forrester from Cranford (tv series, not book) might call “a sequence of continuous delights”, and know that if I do not start recording them they will fade into the back of my mind, and that would be a great shame. So I begin this blog both for my own sake, but also because I hope it might interest some of you to see what I am up to in the big smoke!

My subsidiary reasons are as follows:

  1. The promotion of Classics – as a Classics graduate, and devoted fan of the subject, the trend of dismissing arts subjects as ‘pointless’, ‘soft’, ‘elitist’ and a whole host of other derogatory adjectives hits me very close to home. AQA’s recent decision to scrap Classical Civilisation A-level was the catalyst that actually took me from thinking ‘it might be good to write a blog’ to ‘I am actually going to sit down and start one’. The chance to study Classics truly did change my life – giving me confidence and courage and a set of glorious new worlds to explore – and I think it is important for me to recognise that. A lot of public defence of Classics has come (unsurprisingly) from the academics who teach it, and while I’m sure they can offer far more eloquent arguments than I can, I also think it might help for more average people to show how the subject has made a living, breathing, tangible difference to them, and how they would have been poorer without it.
  2. Authorial endeavours – most of you will know that my ambition is to be an author, so I thought this would be an easy way to keep interested parties up to date with my progress in the wild and tangled labyrinth of publishing. I feel that the more writing I do (of any sort) the better I will get, and that the blog will be an excellent instructress in keeping things concise (I’m afraid I never like to use one word if I can expand it into three!)
  3. The challenge – I am not, naturally, what one might call ‘tech-savvy’. Anything beyond Facebook is a little outside my comfort-zone, and though my phone has a touch screen I also insisted it had physical keys for typing. So I thought starting a blog would be a good way to bring myself a little more up-to-date, and teach myself new skills. (for this same reason, please bear with me if the blog doesn’t look quite polished at present!)
  4. Freedom – though I don’t say much in company (unless you fancy a discussion about BBC’s Merlin, or drawing me into a debate about whether Euripides’ Medea is unspeakably evil or justified) my mind is absolutely teeming with things I could/should/would say if only I were brave enough. I find it much easier to express myself in writing than by speaking, so this blog will also be a useful receptacle for all those unsaid opinions.

So, what can you expect from this blog?

Though the main focus is going to be on the exciting work/trips/conferences that I’m privileged to enjoy on my traineeship, I also anticipate covering (a lot) of ancient mythology; favourite books and films; anything Disney-related (there will most definitely be a post disclosing my strong opinions on Frozen…); my time as an undergrad in Cambridge; and all sorts of other topics as they arise. Since I’m a Christian, thoughts and opinions from that will also feature, though I’m unlikely to do specific blog-posts on my faith as it’s such an integral part of my life that it would feel odd to separate it out. So stay tuned if any of the above sounds interesting! I’ll aim to publish every fortnight, or every month at the very least.

Finally, a word on the blog’s title. I called my blog ‘If I Was in a Movie…’ in homage to the song Hollywood by Kasey Chambers, which was my mantra in primary school and got me through some very difficult and lonely times. (this is the cue for everyone to go and check it out…) For me, this title captures both the surreal-ness of these whirlwind months in London, and my hopes for all the imaginary lands and characters that I pray will one day splash into reality in book (or, indeed, movie!) form.

Well done on reading to the end of my essay, I hope it wasn’t too much of a chore! I’ll write again soon with something suitably librarian-esque.

Naomi x

2 comments on “…I would always know how to introduce myself”

  1. Awesome! Welcome to the blog-o-sphere! Yay! I love reading your writing in general, and I very much look forward to any news you post on here 😀 I’m sure you’ll do splendidly 😀

  2. Welcome to the Blogosphere Naomi! Well done. It’s scary but kind of friendly too 🙂

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